Build WordPress sites better and faster

    Theme Juice is a powerful Mac app that creates local WordPress sites with just a click.

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    Create local sites

    • done Say goodbye to “but it works on my machine!” – run your sites within a pre-configured virtual machine with its own isolated PHP and MySQL versions.
    • done Create easy to use site templates so that you can start off every site exactly the same, using all of your favorite plugins and themes.
    • done Define and use your favorite development tools like Babel, Sass, Webpack, Gulp and Grunt and run them all from the app.

    Manage existing sites

    • done Create an unlimited number of local development sites and manage each of them from a beautiful and intuitive dashboard.
    • done Share your development sites with the world using secure remote tunneling or share privately over your local network to test on other devices.
    • done Keep your development environment up to date by pushing and pulling your database and uploads from your production or staging sites.

    Deploy over SSH

    • done Define deployment strategies and use them to deploy your project over a secure SSH connection using industry-standard tools.
    • done Define custom deployment hooks and migrations using open source software such as Capistrano, WP-CLI and more.
    • done Define and run custom deployment build steps to ensure every deployment is a successful deployment, whatever your needs.

    Feature list

    • storage

      Full-featured LAMP stack

      We've hand crafted a full-featured LAMP development environment perfectly tuned for any type of WordPress project. Our roadmap also includes plans to support additional platforms in the future.

    • flash_on

      Isolated dev environment

      Quickly get up and running using a secure, isolated Vagrant virtual machine. No more wasting time debugging your local system's PHP and MySQL version – everything you need comes pre-installed and pre-configured!

    • layers

      Unlimited local projects

      Many tools limit how many local development projects you can create. Not us. You can safely create as many projects as you need.

    • extension

      Custom starter templates

      By utilizing starter templates, you have complete control over your projects. Define your initial project structure, plugins, themes and configuration. Need to set up a multi-site project? No problem.

    • update

      Automatic updates

      Never miss an update. We'll make sure that your development environment is always up to date with all the latest and greatest features.

    • verified_user

      Simple SSH deployments

      We believe that deployments should be reproducable and controlled. Get rid of your insecure FTP deployments and deploy versioned revisions using Capistrano over SSH. Rolling back a deployment is just as easy.

    • build

      Build tool integration

      Maintain your current workflow by effortlessly integrating your build system into Theme Juice. Run all your favorite commands with the click of a button.

    • cloud_done

      Easy database migrations

      Keep your development environments up to date with your production sites by pushing and pulling your databases with the click of a button.

    • devices_other

      Share your projects

      Every project you create with Theme Juice will automatically be set up to support both public and private sharing. You can share a development project publicly using ngrok, or share it privately over your local network using

    • mail

      View outgoing mail

      Catch all outgoing email and view it with Mailcatcher. View HTML, plain text and source versions of any email your project sends via WordPress or PHP.

    • dns

      Local DNS server

      By utilizing open source technology, we're able to provide you with a customized local DNS server. Effortlessly set up a subdomain multi-site project without manually editing your /etc/hosts file.

    • people

      Open source roots

      We love open source. That's why both the command line utility and virtual machine that power the Theme Juice desktop app are 100% open source.

    • https

      Automatic self-signed SSL certs

      Security is important. Every project created with Theme Juice will automatically get a self-signed certificate so you can develop and test your projects securely.

    • chat

      Priority support

      We're here to help. We have a passion for pushing the WordPress development community forward, and our awesome support is a part of that.