WordPress Development Made Easy

    Theme Juice is a powerful desktop application for Mac that enables you to create, manage and deploy local WordPress development projects.

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    Create local projects

    • done Harness the power of a Vagrant virtual machine without requiring your entire team to learn the command line
    • done Create easy to use project templates for your team to ensure everybody uses the same build tools and plugins for every project
    • done Define and use template-specific development tools like Babel, Sass, Webpack, Gulp and Grunt at the click of a button

    Manage existing projects

    • done Create an unlimited number of local development projects and manage all of them from a single virtual machine
    • done Share your development projects with the world using remote tunneling or share privately over your local network
    • done Keep your development environments up to date by effortlessly pushing and pulling your database between stages

    Deploy over SSH

    • done Define deployment strategies and use them to deploy your project over a secure SSH connection with a single click
    • done Define custom deployment hooks and migrations using open source software like Capistrano, WP-CLI and more
    • done Define and run custom deployment build steps to ensure every deployment is a successful deployment

    Fancy the command line?

    Us too! If there are developers on your team that prefer the command line, they might be interested in using our open source command line utility, tj , while the other developers on the team utilize the desktop application containing the same great features. That way you have the freedom to define the tools your entire team will utilize, providing a consistent workflow for all.

    • storage

      Full-featured LAMP stack

      We've hand crafted a full-featured LAMP development environment perfectly tuned for any type of WordPress project. Our roadmap includes plans to support additional platforms in the future.

    • flash_on

      Lightning fast set up

      Quickly get up and running by effortlessly creating new local WordPress development projects in seconds. No more wasting time waiting for things to set up.

    • layers

      Unlimited local projects

      Many tools limit how many local development projects you can create. Not us. You can safely create as many projects as you need.

    • extension

      Custom starter templates

      By utilizing starter templates, you have complete control over your projects. Define your initial project structure, plugins, themes and configuration. Need to set up a multi-site project? No problem.

    • update

      Automatic updates

      Never miss an update. We'll make sure that your development environment is always up to date with all the latest and greatest features.

    • verified_user

      Simple SSH deployments

      We believe that deployments should be reproducable and controlled. Get rid of your insecure FTP deployments and deploy versioned revisions using Capistrano over SSH. Rolling back a deployment is just as easy.

    • build

      Build tool integration

      Maintain your current workflow by effortlessly integrating your build system into Theme Juice. Run all your favorite commands with the click of a button.

    • cloud_done

      Easy database migrations

      Keep your development environments up to date with your production sites by pushing and pulling your databases with the click of a button.

    • devices_other

      Share your projects

      Every project you create with Theme Juice will automatically be set up to support both public and private sharing. You can share a development project publicly using ngrok, or share it privately over your local network using xip.io.

    • mail

      View outgoing mail

      Catch all outgoing email and view it with Mailcatcher. View HTML, plain text and source versions of any email your project sends via WordPress or PHP.

    • dns

      Local DNS server

      By utilizing open source technology, we're able to provide you with a customized local DNS server. Effortlessly set up a subdomain multi-site project without manually editing your /etc/hosts file.

    • people

      Open source roots

      We love open source. That's why both the command line utility and virtual machine that power the Theme Juice desktop app are 100% open source.

    • https

      Automatic self-signed SSL certs

      Security is important. Every project created with Theme Juice will automatically get a self-signed certificate so you can develop and test your projects securely.

    • chat

      Priority support

      We're here to help. We have a passion for pushing the WordPress development community forward, and our awesome support is a part of that.